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Here are some programs and other files that I have made or found to be useful. They are all for you to download for free. Some of the programs are on here only for my convenience and are not yet complete, and some others are just miscellaneous files.

Note: Some of the source code files are in Unix text format and should be kept in that format if they are to be compiled in Unix or a clone (e.g., Linux). Also, once you've downloaded a file, remove the ".txt" extension from the filename if it has one, lest you'll have problems.

The Software

This is a list of software that can be downloaded:

FilenameSize (bytes)Description
Fractal.exe43.2kDraws Julia and Mandelbrot's Set fractals
Makefile2760Makefile for following programs - type "make quine" to make an executable, for example
colours.c939Functions to find RGB given a hue
colours.h198Header file
dectobin.c438Function to convert decimal to binary as a string
dectobin.h115Header file
error.c112Simple function to display an error
error.h112Header file
fractals.c9319Source file for Julia and Mandelbrot fractals program
fractals.h273Header file
hexview.c1035Simple file hex viewer. Read source for usage.
implicants.c5278Source code of implicants functions
implicants.h536Header file
lists.c558Functions to create and build doubly-linked lists
lists.h299Header file
mines.c2605Source file for text-based Minesweeper program
points.h97Header file
quine.c2605Source file for Quine-McCluskey program
rects.h183Header file
regions.c477Regions functions
regions.h315Header file
sierp.c392Source file for an extremely fast Sierpinski Triangle generation program
testregions.c564Program to test the regions functions
tgafiles.c1849Functions to draw TGA files
tgafiles.h377Header file
types.h449Various data types

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(c)2002 Chris Williams.